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Closed for Maintenance and Repairs until Memorial Day Weekend 2019

Here is the update as prommissed. We are going to have to replace to top half of both trestles. We are replacing the wood beams with steel that will last 100 years or more. We are replacing the wood ties with longer ones so we can add a walkway on both sides of the tracks. This will add an escape route should the train ever experiance a problem while on the trestles. The state is requiring us to have the new plan certified by an engineer, and as you may have guessed there are not that many train trestle engineers around. This hss become a major project so we will be closed the remainder of this season. However, we are looking forward to opening Memorial Day weekend 2019 with 2 updated trestles and a new steam locomotive (built in 1966 by legendary master craftsman Bill Daney of Pueblo, Colorado).

Sorry to disappoint everyone. We are disappointed as well. But safety has to be our top priority. Thanks for all of your support our first short season as new caretakers of the MAVRR. We look forward to a much longer season in 2019. If you are a 2018 season ticket holder, we will honor them for the 2019 season. For those of you who follow our catalog business (railroadcatalog.com), we are updating our website and putting a new catalog out soon. We will post updates as they become available.